About us

Energess was started off by Claire Taylor and Julie Evie,  two visionary women in Paignton, South Devon.  Soon this group grew until it seemed a good idea to set up a sister group in Exeter.

Claire approached her friend, Jane Chanot, and soon Energess Exeter was born.

The formats of the meetings are simple.  A yummy breakfast at a lovely venue, followed by an interesting and energising talk.  We've had holistic health experts, astrologers, innovative financial planning and even a full Laughter Yoga session.

Bookings are taken for members about a week before the event, and members then pay the venue at the door for their breakfast.

The Energess aims:

To support fellow women in business
To be positive, helpful and upbeat
To enjoy an energising breakfast that will create a buzz throughout the day
To learn from each other where appropriate
Never to allow a "hard sell", Energess is gentle and welcoming.
Energess always has been non-profit making.

To learn more - just come along to one of our breakfasts - you'll need to book first so contact:

Energess Exeter:
Energess Paignton: